Stream Summary  

Creation is a multi-level funding program that will support strengths-based, community-focused and youth-led projects taking place in communities across Canada. Funding is dispersed through themed streams, which focus on specific funding gaps and needs in communities.  

The Scaling Grant Stream is a multi-year funding stream that will support small and emerging groups to scale and build their projects over three phases.  

  • In Phase One (Sprout), grantees will receive an initial grant of $5,000 to begin exploring, testing or piloting an idea or initiative.  
  • In Phase Two (Blossom) grantees will receive $10,000 to grow their first initiative or run a different activity.  
  • In Phase Three (Grow), grantees will receive a final grant of $15,000.  

In total, funded groups will receive $30,000 over two years.  

Groups must complete the previous phase before they can receive their next installment of funding. This funding stream aims to empower youth collectives, letting them slowly make a bigger impact and build more skills over time. With flexible funding options, it lets projects grow naturally, supporting long-lasting success. 

Funding Stream Priorities 

There is a priority in this stream to support: 

  • New and emerging Indigenous youth-led grassroots groups and collectives 
  • Projects that are testing and/or trying a new idea 
  • New groups who have never run a project before 
  • Groups who have never received funding from Creation before 

 Group Focus Areas 

Groups should focus on providing programming, training or capacity building opportunities for Indigenous youth. Below are some possible examples of eligible projects. These examples do not include every type of project that we would fund.  

  • Projects that support the core operations or growth of a collective 
  • Programs for youth to participate in recreational, wellness and/or arts-based programming 
  • Cultural programming, including ceremonies, teaching circles and land-based activities 
  • Peer-led circles where youth can build relationships and participate in online activities 
  • Intergenerational programs, that provide youth opportunities to work with Elders, parents, families, children, etc 
  • Programs that increase youth leadership skills 
  • Professional development programs for members of a youth council/organization to increase their knowledge about organizational governance 
  • Projects that target making resources (such as mental health services) safer and more accessible 

All funded projects engage more youth other than just project leaders.  


Funding in this stream will only fund grassroots Indigenous youth groups consisting of a minimum of 2 youth.  

Please note: for the purpose of this program, IYR defines Indigenous as status and non-status First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada, living both on and off reserve. 

Eligible groups and projects include: 

  • Unincorporated/grassroots youth groups/collectives/councils comprised primarily of Indigenous youth  
  • Emerging, incorporated youth groups 
  • Projects must serve primarily serve Indigenous youth 

Ineligible groups and projects: 

  • Individuals and/or projects that are not led by 2+ Indigenous youth 
  • Projects that are not youth-led (or where the majority of leadership is 30+) 
  • Non-Indigenous groups and organizations 
  • Groups that have received more than $10,000 in funding from IYR over the past 12 months 
  • Projects taking place outside of Canada 
  • For profit corporations 
  • Groups with an organizational budget of over $100,000 

Ineligible Expenses 

IYR will NOT fund projects that are political in nature, or that involve distributing substances (i.e. alcohol, non-traditional tobacco, marijuana, illicit substances, etc). IYR will also not fund projects or activities that are taking place outside of Canada. If the project is being run on a reserve and/or traditional territory that spans colonial borders, please reach out to staff.

Review Process 

Applications will be reviewed by a Community Grants Committee that includes Advisory Circle members, community members, Indigenous youth and other knowledge carriers. All members will have experience running programs and initiatives, overseeing projects and offering community supports. 100% of the review committee will be Indigenous, and a minimum of 75% will be youth. 

Capacity Building 

Youth will be invited to participate in IYR’s Capacity Building Program. This program is geared towards strengthening skill sets around program administration, facilitation, evaluation as well as providing opportunities to learn about program design, organizational governance and growth, personal development and youth leadership.  

Reporting and Evaluation 

Grantees will be asked to reflect and report on their progress three times: 

End of Phase One – Sprout (6 months into project): Grantees will share a verbal or written report with their Grant Coordinator. Focus of the report will be on what they’ve done, what they’ve learned and what they are going to do in the next project phase.  

End of Phase Two – Blossom (6 months after Sprout is completed): Grantees will share a verbal or written report with their Grant Coordinator. Focus of the report will be on what they’ve done, what they’ve learned and what they are going to do in the next project phase. 

Final Report (1 month after project completion):  Grantees will submit an evaluation report that will include reporting on the final budget (how much money you spent), data on the number of participants reached in your project, data on time spent on the project and a narrative report on the project. The final report will likely take 3 – 7 hours to complete. Grantees will receive a copy of the evaluation report within the first month of their project start date. 

Financial Oversight and Trusteeship 

Groups/councils/collectives with members who are over the age of 18 do not require a trustee and, if successful, will receive the grant funds directly.  

Successful applicant groups (with leaders aged 15-17) will require a local non-profit or trusted community member over age 18 to serve as their grant trustee. This trustee may be someone the applicants are already familiar with or IYR can support in connecting them with a willing organization or community member as well as with creating a trustee agreement that ensures youth will be supported.  

You can view IYRs definition of Trustee >>HERE<< 

Release of Funds 

IYR does not issue cheques. Funding will be sent to grantees via a Plooto bank transfer/direct deposit. Grantees will receive funds within two weeks of submitting a signed funding agreement. 


Stages Spring Intake
Applications Open July 1, 2024
Application Deadline July 31, 2024
Decisions Released October 1, 2024
Project Start Date October 1, 2024
Sprout Reporting Milestone March 31, 2024
Blossom Reporting Milestone September 30, 2025
Project End Date May 31, 2026
Final Report Due June 30, 2026

Unless otherwise noted, all deadlines are 11:59pm PST.


IYR encourages applicants to reach out if they have any questions. Please email to speak to a member of the team.  

Grant Contact Name and Pronouns

Gwen Hamilton


Administrative Assistant