TLDR: Our team of policy nerds + grassroots community leaders will support young movers and […]



Our team of policy nerds + grassroots community leaders will support young movers and shakers in their advocacy work. This online event has limited spots for Indigenous youth (18-29) across so-called Canada on May 16 – 26, 2022, with a few prep sessions beforehand. The link to apply is here; The deadline to apply is April 3, 2022

The Indigenous Youth Advocacy Week will provide space for Indigenous youth to not only meet with government officials, but to do so confidently and well equipped with the lessons they will learn from the capacity-building sessions, mentorship, and networking opportunities they will engage in during the weeks before.

These sessions will also provide guidance on solidarity and anti-racism and equip youth with the skills to meaningfully engage with elected officials and senior policymakers in a way that emphasizes the need for policies that reflect the diverse and intersectional needs of Indigenous communities.  

Policy decisions have impacts far beyond the rooms where they are negotiated and designed. Their repercussions are often felt most by communities who have had limited opportunities to influence those decisions. These repercussions for Indigenous people and communities include significant challenges around access to clean drinking water, education and employment support, health-based resources, and much more.

Despite the extent of these impacts, Indigenous people and communities are infrequently and inconsistently consulted on policy decisions. In particular, Indigenous youth have considerable gaps in how they are consulted, considering their role as our communities’ current and future leaders.

For young Indigenous movers and shakers between the ages of 18-29 from coast to coast to coast. No previous experience in advocacy work is required. 

Offered online. In preparation for the Advocacy week, there will be 3–4 capacity-building events on Wednesday evenings between April 20, 2022 – May 12, 2022. The official Indigenous Youth Advocacy Week will be on May 16 – 26, 2022, and the final wrap-up session on June 1, 2022 (Schedule TBA). 

CRE’s Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research; We are a group of BIPOC grassroots organizers, policy nerds, helpers, artists, and knowledge-sharers bringing together like-minded young folk to help mobilize Indigenous power + joy. 

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