In this edition of IYR Explains, we’re breaking down Bill C-29.


Bill C-29: National Council for Reconciliation Act at a Glance

  • In response to TRC Call to Action 53, the Government of Canada is creating an Indigenous-led National Council for Reconciliation through Bill C-29 (the National Council for Reconciliation Act).
    • The Council will be overseen by a 9 to 13-person Board of Directors which must include one person nominated by the Assembly of First Nations, one by Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami, one by the Métis National Council and one by the Native Women’s Association of Canada
  • The mandate of the Council would be to ensure that the Government of Canada is accountable for reconciliation and the implementation of the TRC Calls to Action. Some of the duties of the Council, as outlined by the bill, include:
    • Developing a multi-year national action plan on reconciliation
    • Monitoring and conducting research on the progress being made toward reconciliation, as well as federal policies and programs that affect Indigenous peoples
    • Recommending measures to promote reconciliation and educating the public about Indigenous realities
  • As of May 2023, the Bill has passed its second reading in the Senate and is currently under consideration by the Standing Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples. After this, there are two more steps before it is officially passed.

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