Solidarity Programs are offered through our Community Relations and Solidarity Department (CRS)

The Solidarity Team, a branch of our Community Relations and Solidarity (CRS) department, provides meaningful spaces for connection, community building, and solidarity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. Solidarity increases the power that our communities hold and is essential for youth empowerment. We strive to foster relationships between youth of different marginalized communities and to show them the importance of engaging in active allyship. Solidarity programming is centered around building understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth rooted in Indigenous knowledge and ways of being.

Current Solidarity Programs

  • Open

    This initiative is aimed at non-Indigenous settlers of colour and engages participants in concrete discussions related to a variety of themes such as connecting to homelands, the nuanced experiences and responsibilities of settlers of colour, and the history of colonization and anti-Blackness in Canada.

  • Open

    For the 2023-2024 program year, we are refocusing on the development of Black Indigenous Solidarity content that better integrates community needs. To accomplish this, CRE will host 6 virtual (or in-person when possible) engagement sessions. During these sessions, we will be encouraging Black/Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous youth to meaningfully reflect on their understanding of solidarity, identify community needs, and conceptualize activities to achieve this.

  • Archive

    Grounded Communities engages youth leaders (ages 18-29) from across the country, building a national network of youth working to realize their own visions of reconciliation, community building, and solidarity between BIPOC folks.

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