What are they and why do they work? As we continue to find new ways […]


What are they and why do they work?

As we continue to find new ways to make space for Indigenous youth to lead policy discussions and decision-making, policy hackathons present an opportunity to empower and educate all in the same space, while also helping to foster connection with other like-minded youth.

A Policy Hackathon is an event where teams are given a case study outlining a policy problem, and given a limited amount of time to come up with policy solutions to that problem. 

Their recommendations are then evaluated by a panel of judges, and a winner is declared. By their nature and structure, Policy Hackathons create space for imagining innovative policy solutions while also building people’s capacity to work in the policy field. 

Why do we love policy hackathons?

With a strict time limit and a diversity of backgrounds and experiences among the participants, teams can have a “sky’s the limit” conversation about solutions, resulting in surprising and creative policy recommendations.

Importantly, this dialogue happens on a foundation that centers safety, Indigenous identities, and Indigenous ways of knowing and being in the world.

  • Learn about policy in a safe, supportive learning environment!
  • Meet other Indigenous youth interested in policy and governance!
  • Build your capacity in critical analysis and change-making when it comes to reconciliation!

We will be hosting more Policy Hackathons soon – stay tuned!

Past Hackathon Highlights

April 23 – May 2: Implementing UNDRIP Hackathon

How might we implement UNDRIP in Canada, so that youth, Elders, women, and Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ people are able to co-create the relationship with Indigenous Peoples and their communities?

May 21-30: Community Responses to COVID-19 Hackathon

How might we reimagine responses to COVID-19, ensuring we are supporting the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples and communities of Canada in a long-term and sustainable way? 

What are participants saying?

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