The Centre for Indigenous Policy & Research (CIPR)

prioritizes youth policy development and research to support Indigenous youth in advancing their vision of meaningful reconciliation.

Through a wide range of programs and initiatives, CIPR creates space for new leadership and provides tools and resources to empower Indigenous youth to create impactful change.

Programs and Initatives

  • Open

    Our Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research IYPS is a tuition-free program with no academic or professional requirements. Indigenous youth can enter this program at any level of learning and [...]

  • Open

    Following up our 2019 National Youth Reconciliation Barometer the Indigenous Youth Reconciliation Barometer 2.0 will be engaging solely with Indigenous youth to better understand how Indigenous youth envision their own empowerment and futures by exploring everything from culture and wellness to solidarity, reconciliation, and meaningful work.

  • Closed

    Advocacy Week provides Indigenous youth with opportunities to connect with government leaders and policymakers to share their ideas, visions, and priorities on a range of key issues.

  • Archive

    An online journal showcasing the thoughts, opinions, and work of Indigenous youth across this country we call Canada. Read our first Issue below! Issue 1 - Canadian Federal Election 2021 [...]

  • Archive

    Throughout October and November of 2021, CRE hosted a Policy Hackathon, Sharing Circles, and circulated a survey to gather Indigenous youth's stories, criticisms, and hopes about healthcare reform in Canada. [...]

  • Archive

    What is a Hackathon? A Policy Hackathon is an event where teams are given a case study outlining a policy problem and given a limited amount of time to [...]

IYR Explains Series

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The Rundown

  • Welcome to The Rundown! Whether you are interested in politics or trying to dismantle colonialism and heteropatriarchy, we are here to help you understand what politicians do.