This space was designed for youth to explore Two Spirit cultures and histories from futurist, peer-led perspectives, where they could learn beginner skills in a patient environment and make their very own regalia.



Our Journey

In 2021, our Culture and Wellness team piloted a series of virtual workshops called Virtual Two Spirit Regalia Making.

The space was designed for youth to explore Two Spirit culture and history from futurist, peer-led perspectives, where they could learn beginner skills in a patient environment and make their very own regalia.

Practicing our Indigenous ways of knowing and doing has been an integral part of my healing journey. Having the opportunity to be in spaces where I can come as I am to further learn about Powwow regalia is much needed for our community. These spaces are not only educational, but healing as well.

Jordy Ironstar (he/they), Two Spirit Regalia Making Program Alumni


The pilot program was a response to the need for social connection at the onset of Covid-19 and the need for more culturally inclusive spaces for Two Spirit and Indigiqueer youth. It celebrated the unique roles and gifts of Two Spirit kin, focusing on healthy spirituality and self-care activities. Participants engaged in weekly workshops introducing regalia styles, sewing and beadwork techniques, garment ideation, and identifying motifs, their meanings, symbolism and spiritual relevance across distinct nations.

About the Two Spirit Cultural Revitalization and Wellness Program

In 2022-23, we are relaunching a newer version of this project based on participant feedback: Two Spirit Cultural Revitalization and Wellness Program. Starting Fall 2022, you can look forward to 7-week cycles of beginner-friendly, Two Spirit, seasonally-aligned cultural and regalia teachings on:

  • Beading Techniques
  • Sewing Techniques
  • Ribbon Work and Applique Techniques
  • Garment and Accessory Making Techniques

I’d like to encourage Indigiqueer youth to seek out community, either in person or online. I felt like an outsider as a kid — because I was the only out queer person in my small town — and because I had been removed from my Indigenous community. Connecting with other two-spirits was essential to my healing and growth as a person. It is important to seek out those who understand and accept your authentic self, as cheesy as that may sound.  

Lex Edmunds (they/he), Two Spirit Regalia Making Program Alumni


Program Dates

Two Spirit Regalia Beginner Beading Techniques: October 11 – November 22, 2022


Participant Eligibility

The Two Spirit Cultural Revitalization and Wellness Program will be delivered online via Zoom, with Indigenous youth across what is currently Canada. You are eligible to apply if you are:

  1. An Indigenous youth (ages 18-29)
  2. First Nations, Inuit or Métis, Status or Non-Status 
  3. Two Spirit, LGBT+, genderfluid or questioning identity 
  4. Located in an urban or remote community with internet access*

*CRE is committed to equity access. We want to support you and discuss any barriers to participation you may have. Please reach out to Amanda Amour-Lynx, Indigenous Wellness Specialist if you require any accommodations for accessibility/technological needs.

Two Spirit Regalia Skills Program Breakdown

October 2022 – Two Spirit Regalia Beginner Beading Techniques

Week 1 Respect: Two Spirit Roles, Gifts, History and Identity 

  • Introductions 
  • Healthy Spirituality, Community and Wellness 
  • Navigating pan-Indigenous and Western views 
  • Peer-led narratives for Two Spirit Futurities and World-Building

Week 2 Love: Planning and Designing Your Regalia Colouring Book 

  • Orientation to Indigenous and Western Colour Theory
  • Pow Wow Dance Styles

 Week 3 Honesty: Visioning a Two Spirit Regalia 

  • Vision-boarding with Pinterest, Digital Scrapbooking
  • Planning Your Designs Using Spirit and Research
  • Connecting our Histories and Nationhoods to a Two-Spirit Fluidity 
  • Activity: Make Your Own Rabbit Fur Pom Pom 
  • Activity: Beading Building Blocks, Pixels, Geometries— Learn Brick Stitch Technique

Week 4 Courage: Designing Your First Beadwork Project 

  • Introduction to Flat Stitch Technique Using Cabochons
  • Genderfluidity in Beadwork, Design Earrings, a Pin Brooch, Patch or Medallion
  • Beading Essentials, Understanding Beadwork Tools and Supplies
  • Symbology and Spiritual Codes Within Beadwork, Traditional Material History, Beading and Wellness

Week 5 Truth: Finishing Your First Beadwork Project 

  • Attaching Jewelry Findings to Your Project
  • Applying a Backing Material to Your Project, Understanding Backing Materials, Adhesives and Reinforcements
  • Edging Techniques: Learn Simple and Ornate Picot Edging

Week 6 Humility: Rope Stitch Beadwork

  • Identifying Rope Stitch in Regalia Making — Medallions, Headbands, Lanyards, Straps
  • Gentle Hands: Beadwork Repair, Patience and Humility Teachings
  • Project: Rope Stitch Wrapping Technique Using Paracord

Week 7 Wisdom: Sharing Circle and Virtual Gathering 

  • Completing our Projects
  • Sharing Circle, Project Feedback and Reflections 
  • Celebration, Ceremony

January 2023 – Two Spirit Regalia Beginner Sewing and Wrapping Techniques

Info coming soon

April 2023 – Two Spirit Regalia Beginner Ribbon Work and Applique Intro Techniques

Info coming soon

June 2023 – Two Spirit Regalia Beginner Garment Making and Accessory Techniques

Info coming soon

About the Registration Form

The form begins with basic demographic questions that help us run our program, and will help us run future programming. There are certain personal questions that we are asking that will help us to complete evaluation and to report to the funders who make CRE programming possible. We will be asked to report upon our program, and your demographic data will be used in this context with respect to your confidentiality. 

We have made our every effort to not ask anything more than is required and there are a few questions that you can write ‘prefer not to answer’. We provided spaces to elaborate upon any confidentiality concerns around identity and disclosure.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: Near the end of the form, we will ask for your mailing address in order to send you supplies to participate in the program. This information will be used solely for the mailing of supplies, and you are welcome to opt-out for any reason. All packages will have neutral information on the outside, and will say from Canadian Roots Exchange. If for any reason, you are unable to give out your home address but would still like to receive the supplies, please let us know and we will do our best to make accommodations. 

This survey will take you 10-12 minutes to complete. For any questions, please contact Amanda:

We understand that there are many reasons why the Two Spirit community would need their personal information to remain confidential. We commit to protect your personal information from being divulged without your consent.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

The online video conference sessions (Zoom) will be only made available to participants of the program, guest facilitators, invited guests, elders and CRE staff who are scheduled to be in the sessions. You will receive a schedule of this closer to the start of the program. As a group, we will discuss how we want the privacy of the group to be respected as well as all your work, images, videos or photos of yourself produced or shared with us throughout the course of the program. There may be an opportunity to showcase or share our work with others, and prior to this happening, you will receive consent forms where you can choose which ways you would like to be represented and whether you would like to be represented.

We know it is important for many reasons for our participants’ identity to be protected and kept safe and the priority for the sessions is to create a sense of community and to talk about regalia, queerness, identity and craft, sew or bead together.

Artist Credit

The artwork featured on the graphics for this project was commissioned from Moe Butterfly.



Digital Constellations Mentorship Program 2023

During the Summer of 2023, the Digital Constellations Mentorship program was launched by Amanda Amour-Lynx with the support of Indigenous Youth Roots. Its primary purpose was to create pathways for young people to advance into professional roles that are often limited by institutional privilege, education, and networking connections.

In five virtual workshop sessions led by Two Spirit cultural creators, artists, storytellers, curators and small business owners, the group learned about engaging with cultural institutions, including how to discuss, protect and conserve cultural objects, craft, and regalia, as well as how to talk about, protect and conserve these practices.



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Two-Spirit Digital Constellations Essay: Making our own Seat at the Table

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Amanda Amour-Lynx


Indigenous Wellness Specialist


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