• A room full of Inuit youth listening to a presentation


    Policy School
    Our Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research IYPS is a tuition-free program with no academic or professional requirements. Indigenous youth can...
  • A group of BIPOC youth, some wearing masks, sit in a circle having a conversation


    Concerning Community
    This initiative is aimed at non-Indigenous settlers of colour and engages participants in concrete discussions related to a variety of...
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    Indigenous Youth Reconciliation Barometer 2.0
    Following up our 2019 National Youth Reconciliation Barometer the Indigenous Youth Reconciliation Barometer 2.0 will be engaging solely with Indigenous...
  • Three Indigenous youth sit on a stage giving a presentation. One is male and wears a hide jacket, one is Afro-Indigenous and wears an orange 'Every Child Matters' shirt, and one wears a grey shirt


    Policy School Workshop Series
    In an effort to expand both the age limit and regional reach of the Indigenous Youth Policy School, the Centre...
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    Junior Reconciliation Initiative
    Following the success of our Youth Reconciliation Initiative and with additional funding, CRE is launching its Junior Reconciliation Initiative. As...
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    Justice Program
    The Justice program is aimed at building connections with youth across Canada by making access to justice for Indigenous youth...
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    Peer Program
    The Peer Program is a 4-year program that aims to advance the personal and professional capacity of Indigenous youth (18-29)....
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    Two Spirit Regalia Skills Program
    This space was designed for youth to explore Two Spirit cultures and histories from futurist, peer-led perspectives, where they could...
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    Rural Youth Reconciliation Initiative
    The Rural Youth Reconciliation Initiative (R-YRI) engages rural young leaders aged 18 to 29 years from across the country, building...
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    Two Spirit Workshops
    In a Two Spirit-led environment structured around acceptance and lateral kindness, participants have the opportunity to complete guided, yet customizable...
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    Indigenous Youth Advocacy Week 
    Advocacy Week provides Indigenous youth with opportunities to connect with government leaders and policymakers to share their ideas, visions, and...
  • Three women stand around a table looking at sticky notes


    Seeds in Motion
    The Seeds in Motion program provides spaces for youth between 18-29 to learn about culture, grow a community, and explore...
  • A young woman sits at a table with her back to the camera holding a pen, writing on a piece of paper


    Words in Motion
    The Words in Motion program provides spaces for youth between 18-29 to reconnect to their traditional languages in an online...
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    Co-Development of Distinctions-Based Health Legislation
    Throughout October and November of 2021, CRE hosted a Policy Hackathon, Sharing Circles, and circulated a survey to gather Indigenous...
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    Grounded Communities
    Grounded Communities engages youth leaders (ages 18-29) from across the country, building a national network of youth working to realize...
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    #LandBackLeaders Journal
    An online journal showcasing the thoughts, opinions, and work of Indigenous youth across this country we call Canada. Read our first...
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    Indigenous Youth Mental Wellness Policy Hackathon - July 2022
    Partnership Thank you for your support! What is a Hackathon? A Policy Hackathon is an event where teams are given a case...
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    Black and Indigenous Solidarity Program
    Encourages Black/Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous youth to meaningfully reflect on their understanding of solidarity, identify community needs, and conceptualize activities to achieve this.
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    Indigenous Youth Research Grants
    CRE’s Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research is pleased to launch our second round of Indigenous Youth Research Grants. This...
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    Research Hub
    The Research Hub is a part of the Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research. It provides opportunities for youth-led and...
  • Black Indigenous Solidarity Program
    The Black and Indigenous Solidarity (BIS) Program facilitates spaces between Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous youth for identifying necessities, roadblocks, and...