After 4 years of thoughtful, caring, and innovative leadership, our board of directors share that our "Executive Auntie" will be leaving IYR at the end of February, 2024. Our HR team have engaged Pathways Executive Search to identify a new ED.


It is with both sadness and gratitude that we announce that after four incredible years, our Executive Director Hillory Tenute will be making her departure from Indigenous Youth Roots at the end of February 2024.

Hillory joined the organization in 2019 as an experienced researcher, evaluator, mobilizer, and community-builder. Hillory officially stepped into her role as interim Executive Director in 2020 and Executive Director in 2022. She was integral in leading the organization through a number of system changes and in guiding Indigenous Youth Roots down a path that is reflective of our new vision and purpose. Hillory, successfully led the development of our strategic plan, oversaw creation of our new name and brand, supported the creation of whole-of-org robust data and evaluation framework and supported the growth of each innovative initiative that was nurtured during her time at Indigenous Youth Roots. Each of these joint successes has us feeling hopeful and energized and prepared to focus on the road ahead. We are very proud of the many accomplishments we have shared together and want to thank Hillory for her thoughtful, caring, and innovative leadership she provided to the organization. Affectionately referred to as the “Executive Auntie” by participants, staff and community partnerships Hillory leaves behind a legacy of placing community integrity and equity above all else.

Portrait of Hillory Tenute against a plain, white background. Her hands are in her pockets, and she's accessorized with a stunning IYR medallion

“No one should go without and you only take as much as you need.”

Hillory Tenute, Executive Director

Having just celebrated 15 years as an organization, and after launching a new identity, this is an opportune moment to welcome new leadership to Indigenous Youth Roots. The new leadership we bring in will be integral to ongoing strategic planning, program revitalization, and strengthening Indigenous Youth Roots so that we can continue to empower Indigenous youth to create the futures they wish to see for their communities for the next 15 years and beyond.

We are pleased to have engaged Pathways Executive Search to help identify the right person to fulfill the role, and Hillory will continue to provide her advice throughout this process, ensuring that the new leadership will be in place by February 2024.

We are grateful for all our Board members, staff, and partners, who we know will continue to support in making this transition as smooth as possible. Please also join us in wishing Hillory all the best in her future endeavors in continuing to break down colonial systems for her beloved nephews and the next seven generations.

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