We are so excited to formally announce CRE’s newest Board members: Each of our new […]


We are so excited to formally announce CRE’s newest Board members:

  • Alec Carton
  • Corrine Card
  • Khalid Haddad (Treasurer)
  • Michael Lickers
  • Rebecca Wong (Secretary)
  • Saige Girouard

Each of our new Board members brings years of professional experience, expertise, and knowledge to their new roles. We’re thrilled to welcome these community leaders to support CRE as we grow internally and continue to collaborate with Indigenous youth and communities to provide programs, grants, and opportunities grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

We are also pleased to congratulate Barbra Byers on her reappointment for another three-year term and Joy Rogers on her election as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors. Joy will work alongside Jordan as he also begins his first year as Board Chair.

CRE is committed to building organizational well-being and sustainability as part of our three-year Strategic Plan. A central component of this work is to ensure that CRE’s governance includes an array of voices, a diversity of perspectives, and strong engaged leaders to support the excellent work CRE is already doing in collaboration with Indigenous youth and communities and to lay the groundwork to build upon this work for future generations.

We look forward to the work ahead, and are grateful to have the support of these passionate and engaged individuals as we move forward!


Jordan Gray, CRE Board of Directors Chair & Hillory Tenute, CRE Executive Director

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