Want to learn about entrepreneurship and community building with grantees who are out there doing it? This event is your opportunity to connect with the spirit of Indigenous youth entrepreneurship, learn from the unique journeys, challenges, and successes of these inspiring young leaders shaping the landscape of business, creativity and community connection.

When:  March 25th from 6-7 pm ET
Where: Online. Register to receive the Zoom link!

About the Speakers

Amanda Bernard (she/her) is a proud member of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation and Founder of Shawish Market. Amanda’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Shawish Market, a unique virtual marketplace for Indigenous artists, where they can create their own shops and upload their own unique items. Unlike other marketplaces, Shawish does not charge vendors any monthly or transaction fees making it affordable for Indigenous communities. The name Shawish holds personal significance for Amanda, as it was her ancestral name before her ancestors were forced to change it, adopting the name Bernard.
Denessa Bill-Woods (she/her) is from Pelican Lake First Nation. She’s 16 years old and runs her own small business called Denessa’s Designs.  She makes custom designs for clothing, other art pieces, and recently got into nail art.

Amanda Bernard (She/Her)

Denessa Bill-Woods (she/her)





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