Ottawa, ON-

Indigenous Youth Roots (IYR) is thrilled to announce new support for the Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research and its annual Indigenous Youth Advocacy Week.

The support comes in the form of an expanded multi-year commitment from Deloitte Canada, deepening the existing relationship between IYR and the firm. The three-year commitment will see $300,000 in resources provided to core support for the Centre for Indigenous Policy and Research (CIPR), internship opportunities for three Indigenous youth, the launch of an Indigenous youth advisory council for Deloitte and support for CIPR’s annual Indigenous Youth Advocacy Week (IYAW).

IYAW provides Indigenous youth with opportunities to connect with government leaders and policymakers to share their ideas, visions and priorities on a range of key issues., IYAW has been able to influence how senior government officials make decisions and co-develop policies and legislation in the future.

“I’d like to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I hope this program continues because it is very needed. Continue bridging the gap between Indigenous youth and colonial structures. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into organizing and coordinating these meetings for us participants.”

IYAW 2022 Participant
IYAW also facilitates capacity-building sessions, mentorship, and networking opportunities for participants throughout the duration of the program to build confidence to consider a career in policy and advocacy.

“The opportunity to talk to representatives of the government about policies they implement onto Indigenous communities, that feels like a second thought to them but directly impacts my life, is incredibly valuable to me in knowing that my voice and lived experiences matter.”

IYAW 2023 Participant

This presents an opportunity to continue to amplify Indigenous youth voices on the issues that matter the most to them. Indigenous youth that participated in IYAW had the opportunity to provide input on and work with Deloitte on their Voices of Indigenous Youth Leaders on Reconciliation report series, which has since published four volumes: Volume 1: Building Our Knowledge Bundle, Volume 2: Bridging study and work for long-term success, Volume 3: Breaking colonial legacies and mapping new pathways to mental wellness, and Volume 4: Reconciling our relationships to preserve Mother Earth for future generations These reports aim to elevate the voices of Indigenous youth leaders to government and business on key issues.

This new agreement will enable IYR to continue to foster youth policy development, research and advocacy.  We look forward to building on the work we’ve started with Deloitte in collaboration with Indigenous youth from coast to coast to coast.


If you’re interested in learning about Indigenous Youth Advocacy Week and applying to the next cohort this fall, click here! 

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