We are providing this update as a follow-up to the CRE workplace investigation that took […]


We are providing this update as a follow-up to the CRE workplace investigation that took place from September 2020 to December 2020. Here is a message from our Interim Executive Auntie, Hillory Tenute. 

Boozhoo Indinawemaaganidog, 

I want to extend my gratitude and thanks to you all for your patience during this time. Since the summer, CRE has been on a journey of growth that has placed humility (dibaadendiziwin), truth (debwewin), and love (zaagidiwin) at its core. As an organization, we have been learning and unlearning, evolving and putting the necessary provisions in place to address the harm that has been done at CRE. The Board of Directors and I have received the final workplace investigation report late in December and have since been working to develop a public document that speaks to the recommendations put forward.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a public document that will outline our pathway forward. This report will identify how we are ensuring that those recommendations are cemented into the fabric of CRE to ensure we continue to be responsive and address these issues head-on. For CRE to continue its journey in a good way, our approach must remain intentional, long-lasting, and transparent.

We know that feedback is essential to ensuring that CRE is responsive to community concerns and is able to both grow and respond to the needs of the communities we serve, support, and represent. Please visit the Accountability webpage to be connected with the CRE team, and for those of you who wish to share anonymous or confidential experiences of your time with CRE, you can also reach out to, which is currently being monitored exclusively by CRE’s Board of  Directors and external legal counsel: OKT.

Zhawenjigewin (in kindness),
Interim Executive Director, Canadian Roots Exchange

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