Brooke Rice,

Culture & Wellness Weaver

Shé:kon sewakwé:on, Katsi’tsarónkwas iontia’ts. Wakehnhehsí:io niwaki’tarò:ten tanon Kahnawà:ke nitewaké:non. Brooke Rice is a Snipe clan of the Kanien’kehá:ka nation, born and raised in Kahnawà:ke. She is an aunty, daughter, granddaughter, sister and relative. She holds a BA in First Peoples Studies & Human Relations. Currently pursuing her MA in Individualized Program at Concordia University where she hopes to create a sustainable youth mentorship in her community based on traditional kinship systems, the language of the land and remembrance of traditional ways. She is excited to work with the team to help nourish relations and create accessible space for youth to attain wellness through language and culture. It’s her dream to be a part of youth’s journey to honour their gifts and help create role models for the next seven generations. Being an energetic snipe, she loves hanging out with her family and friends, eating scrumptious foods, foraging, learning about sustainable energy, planting, seed saving and hunting with her Hunny.

Photo of Brooke Rice