Cheyanne Manitowabi,

Creation Advisory Circle Member

Cheyanne Manitowabi is an Ojibwe Odawa Anishinabe kwe from Wiikwemkong, located on Manitoulin Island. She is of the Loon clan, and true to her clan she is a natural-born leader. Cheyanne and her lineage come from the Midewiwin Lodge of the 3 fires medicine society. She is a jingle dress dancer and also a Fashion Designer. She hopes to inspire others to live a good life, by doing the work she does in communities. Cheyanne is an Artist of many different trades. She teaches quill work and caribou tufting, doing most of her work with birchbark. As a mother of 4 boys, she is quite busy raising her sons to be good and kind helpers, with culture and ceremony at the core of their beliefs and understanding. 

A young woman with long blonde hair wearing a red hat and glasses smiles at the camera