Forrest Eaglespeaker,


Program & Community Engagement Coordinator

Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Forrest Eaglespeaker is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Defying the odds and paving his own path, Eaglespeaker has used music as a vehicle to break the cycle of addiction and trauma that he was born
into and consumed by.

“Music was the only thing I ever felt any good at, and it turns out there’s more to me than that,” Eaglespeaker says. “But no one ever bet on me, so I never bet on myself.”

Finding true confidence and love for himself in sobriety, Eaglespeaker shares his melodic narratives in the musical duo The North Sound with his partner Nevada Freistadt. Loss, grief, addiction, despair and living in chaos are just a few of the themes found in Eaglespeaker’s writing and performances. The message of hope and connection is at
the core of Eaglespeaker’s art, and he aims to share it with those who need it.

“Music is a language we all speak,” Eaglespeaker says. “Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, or as a creator or listener, we all feel rhythm and melody. We all want to connect, and we all have a story.”