Lisa Neault,

Board of Directors- Member

Lisa Neault is a Financial Operations Manager with a rich background in diverse financial institutions. Lisa’s strategic acumen and attention to detail have earned her accolades throughout her career, from managing intricate financial portfolios to spearheading efficient budgetary frameworks.

Beyond finance, Lisa is deeply passionate about community development, holistic wellness, and mental health advocacy. Lisa is a registered citizen of the Manitoba Metis Nation whose recent work experience has been supporting Indigenous youth across Canada. Lisa is a fervent advocate for mental health, dedicating time to de stigmatizing issues and promoting supportive environments in and out of the workplace.

In addition to her professional and community roles, Lisa passionately supports non-profit organizations, recognizing their invaluable contributions to positive change. As a loving mother of two, she balances the demands of her career with the joys of parenthood, instilling values of compassion and integrity in her children. Lisa’s holistic approach extends to her advocacy for wholistic healing practices, believing in their power to achieve overall well-being.

In every facet of her life, Lisa Neault exemplifies a harmonious blend of financial prowess, community commitment, and a passion for holistic living, proving that success is about creating positive ripples that extend far beyond the boardroom.

Lisa Neault has long black hair, wears beaded earrings and stands in a forest