Toni Wuttunee,

Creation Advisory Circle Member

Toni Wuttunee (She/Her) is an Indigenous Digital artist, located in Saskatoon, SK,
Her work is solely commissioned-based and is Influenced by various forms of media.

   I would say that my love for art came from a very young age,
   Inspired by various TV series on both Cartoon Network and YTV at the time,
   I’ve been drawing ever since I could remember, though;
   I think my passion for it really started at age 10;
   I immersed myself in it and It became one of my main outlets for creative exploration.

In the past 3 years, I’ve done many commissions for Indigenous Youth Roots,
OUTSaskatoon, Bridge City Bike Co-op, and even Eekwol. Art is something that can be self-taught and with enough confidence and passion, it could be turned into opportunities for business and growth.

A person with long hair and neon eyeliner stands smiling for the camera amongst a darkly lit background