In June 2021, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act received Royal Assent and immediately came into force.

The Department of Justice Canada’s call for proposals regarding the UNDRIP Action Plan shortly followed, and our Policy & Research team submitted a successful proposal.

This report summarizes what we heard from 183 Indigenous youth from coast to coast to coast on Canada’s UNDRIP Action Plan in Fall 2022. The details of each engagement are followed by an overview of youth recommendations organized by three elements of the UNDRIP Action Plan:

  • Addressing injustices, combatting prejudice, and eliminating all forms of violence, racism, and discrimination against Indigenous peoples (including Elders, youth, children, persons with disabilities, women, men, and gender-diverse and Two-Spirit persons);
  • Promoting mutual respect and understanding, as well as good relations, including through human rights education; and
  • Monitoring, overseeing, and evaluating the implementation of UNDRIP.

We hope these engagements and this resulting report will help ensure Indigenous youth voices are heard and offer meaningful insight and guidance to the Department of Justice in developing the UNDRIP Action Plan.

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“I won’t believe [that the government is implementing UNDRIP successfully] until I see my community or communities around me having a better quality of life. I want to see actual changes rather than another data report.”

– Sharing Circle Participant

Key questions:

What do Indigenous youth see as priorities regarding the implementation of UNDRIP? How do Indigenous youth envision a future where UNDRIP is implemented? How do their recommendations align with existing laws and policies?

Flip through the report below to see what they had to say!

Report: Indigenous Youth Voices & The UNDRIP Action Plan December 2022

July 2023 Update – Justice Canada Publishes UNDRIP Action Plan

UNDA Action Plan Announcement

Advisory Committee

We welcomed five Indigenous subject matter experts to help ensure our work was guided by community priorities. We are grateful for all of the knowledge and guidance each member provided throughout the course of the engagement.

  • Riley Yesno


    UNDRIP Advisory Committee

  • Jasleen Jawanda


    UNDRIP Advisory Committee

  • Jukipa Kotierk


    UNDRIP Advisory Committee

  • Chloe Pictou


    UNDRIP Advisory Committee

  • Brenda Gunn


    UNDRIP Advisory Committee

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